Summer 2012

To leave your familiar surroundings, seek a view of the ocean, climb a mountain or make your way into the solitude of an old orchard. It helps when there are others doing the same thing alongside you, to converse with and spend time together.
The Viennese artist-run spaces Ve.Sch, HHDM and MAGAZIN occupied the orchard on three weekends during the summer, integrating new contributions into the running exhibition. Ve.Sch organised a walking tour from Spitz an der Donau through the Jauerling to Mühldorf, a musical performance with vocals by Rosemarie Lukasser and Franz Zar, and Fernando Mesquita & Ludwig Kittinger cooked »Cozido à portuguesa« in Rirkrit Tiravanija’s brick pit. HHDM invited artists Josip Novosel, Dario Wokurka, TCF, Lucia Elena Prusa, Anna Holtz and Manuel Scheiwiller to set up artworks, installations, and music in, on and between the works of Steffi Alte, Dan Peterman, Reto Pulfer and Rirkrit Tiravanija. Birch, maple, hazlenut leaves, goosefoot, oregano, mint, porcino, sauerkraut and alpine poppy were some of the ingredients used in MAGAZIN’s brick pit recipes. As well as a dessert from the earth-oven, a performance by Samuel Schaab and Siegfried Zaworka, and a forest walk with Luisa Kasalicky, Steffen Höld and Stephanie Rauch.

It was great.

Many thanks to the artists who run the spaces, Martin Vesely (Ve.Sch); Philipp Timischl, Daphne Ahlers, Roland Matthias Gaberz (HHDM); Jakob Neulinger, Bert Houbrechts, Anna Liska, Eva Chytilek (MAGAZIN)









»Eine Wanderung«