Zed Run Rules

Okay, now that you have a stable and a horse, it`s time to see what your horse is made of! First, we need to cover your horse`s classes and Z rating. There are six (6) classes in the ZED racing sphere; ZED will attract people of all ages, races and genders and everyone will have different ways to play and interact with ZED. Therefore, treat everyone the way you want to be treated. The ability of a racehorse will vary from race to race, some more than others. The best way to understand your horse`s abilities is to run it! The more races there are, the more data you can collect and the more information you will get. Your horse will probably do better at some distances than at others. You may also have a goal preference. But you can`t understand these details without running. Each horse has its own unique characteristics, which means you might end up with a champion stallion, or perhaps your horse is better equipped to be a stud farm. Just like in real life, building a successful horse and stable requires time, investment and attention to detail.

In this article, you will learn how to set up MetaMask, select your horse, race and bread. It`s also worth checking out the Discord or ZED RUN community page. Do you have an idea? Send it to [email protected] or submit your idea here. Have you ever dreamed of owning a racehorse? I`m sure you, like most of us, sat at the Kentucky Derby and thought, „This would be a cool world to live in.“ However, if you are ready to exist in a digital world, you now have the opportunity and tools to live that dream and potentially make a profit in the process. ZED RUN is a blockchain-based game that uses NFTs to represent a horse. We prohibit people from promoting or publishing violent crime, theft or fraud. We do not want to tolerate this activity or inspire imitation behavior. Nor do we allow people to depict criminal activity or admit to crimes committed by them or their employees. However, we allow people to debate or defend the legality of criminal activities and address them in a rhetorical or satirical way. For more information, read our Community Standards for the Promotion or Advertising of Crime.

4. Coat color — The classifications of the different groups identify the uniqueness of the coat color of an offside, divided into groups of coat colors and rarity levels. Newborns are assigned a coat color through a complex process that includes the following equation: breeding pairs (bp) x reproductive rarity (br), each with its own complex formula, which we won`t discuss here, but you can read more about it here: Color pairs and color rarity – ZED RUN Guide The ZED RUN team is thrilled that you are joining the community, in which you will soon become a #zedhead. #zedder or any other funky #zedy nickname you like. There are three main considerations that you should consider before buying your first horse: 1) lineage, 2) genotype and 3) breed type. Then you will need a MetaMask wallet to achieve this. If you are not familiar with MetaMask, it is an Ethereum wallet that acts as an extension of your web browser and allows you to communicate with the Ethereum blockchain. You must also fund this portfolio with ETH. After each race, a racehorse can either fall back into a lower class, stay in the same class, or move to a higher class. Once you`ve clicked on an available race, you`ll also see which race gates you can sign up for.

In this guide you will find a variety of information about how the races work, how to participate in the race, where to watch the races and how to win! To start your journey, here are some useful resources: NOTE: A racehorse can participate in a higher-level race outside of their current class, but not in a lower class. There are 7 groups of mantle colors: Neptune, Earth, Wild, Moon, Fiery, Classic and Mystique. Each group can influence a horse`s temperament and personality, but not affect a horse`s performance. There are four (4) types of horses: a foal, a stallion, a filly and a mare. We love your passion. When you dive, you can express yourself and share your ZED RUN experience with others. Connect with the growing community of racehorse enthusiasts that stretches from Clubhouse to Discord to Twitch! Currently, the minimum basic breeding fee is 0.075 ETH. This does not mean that the minimum breeding price is 0.075 ETH, but as a basis for determining the final price of the breed according to the lineage, the type of breed and the length of time the father is in the stud farm. The minimum selection prices vary considerably below and well above the basic reproduction price of 0.075 ETH.

This short course with information will help you navigate through the channels, guides and games of the ZED RUN community so you can begin your legacy of owning, breeding and racing your NFT racehorses! This includes asking others to help hurt you or others self-harm or engage in suicidal behavior. Don`t tell others anything that could lead to self-harm. ZED can be a place where some can escape and have fun, so please don`t spoil this for the community. The team loves how creative and fast you are when it comes to developing useful tools for people. Below is a selection of community-run websites that you should check out by digging deeper into the #zedzone: To put it simply, use your best judgment and be respectful. NOTE: The sex of an offspring is calculated at random. Base price (0.075) x { (lineage weighting x 80%) + (breed species weighting x 20%) } x Breeding with its own stable (if applicable). Your feedback is important. It is not lip service. The team really reads every comment, DM and tweet and works day and night to process the comments and respond with action. To see which races your horse is eligible for, simply click on any toll-free door number to open the window of the selected racehorse.

In this window, you will notice that ineligible horses are grayed out. Each race has a name, location, class name, distance, registration fee and prize pool. Once you have decided on a race, simply click on it and the race window will open. Door numbers (displayed at the bottom of the window) are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Wrapped Ethereum is used instead of ETH because you interact with ERC-20 contracts created after ETH. You can read more about WETH here. You will use the WETH to participate in races and collect your winnings. The Community comes first. At ZED RUN, we value the community and appreciate the creative way you express your personality – from sharing photos of your first pony purchase to live races, from Twitter conversations to creating unique brands and datasets! Once you are equipped with one or more racehorses ready for the race, visit the ZED RUNS events page. On this page, you will have access to current races to register and free races, which you can learn more about in this guide. There will always be a lot of races with different buy-in prices.

Currently, a male horse can have up to three children per month, while a female horse can only have one per month. During the breeding process, no horse can participate in the races. If you miss a race, you can repeat it (or another race) in the Results tab by selecting the race and pressing the repeat button. .